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Visual Communication Designer
Full-time | Remote | India

This JD is unlike any other you would come across. We have put in a lot of thought and effort to draft it. We hope you take time to read it before applying.

About Deck Rooster

What is the native language of the business world?


Power Point Presentations! 


Yet, most business presentations are downright boring and extremely confusing - complete antithesis of “effective communication” that presentations supposedly help achieve. Deck Rooster is changing that, one presentation at a time. 


We are a tiny team of Consultants, Storytellers and Communication Designers. We work with fast growing startups and transform their presentations from boring to captivating. Since starting in October 2014, we have worked with over 150 startups and helped them raise over $50M from leading investors. Over the years, we have emerged as founders’ #1 choice for solving their visual communication problems. 

About the role

Life @

Deck Rooster

Work on something that is extremely important to a business

Work-culture where everyone is pursuing excellence and doing their best work

Complete creative freedom 

No leave tracking for as long as you are being responsible and reasonable

Freedom to try out roles and tasks that you have never undertaken

As a Communication Designer, you will play the key role of converting the presentation narrative into crisp visuals that captivate the audience. For each project, you will be working as part of a 3-people project team and will be required to understand the core message, brainstorm the narrative, drive the visualizations and execute the final design for each slide.


Each project lasts around a month. So you will be working on something completely new every month. Every startup we work with, is doing something innovative and is run by some of the smartest founders around. What this also means is that there is never a dull moment - at work we are discussing the future of Bitcoins, impact of Plastics-to-Fuel technology, challenges faced by large retail chains or why India needs another startup accelerator. Cross-breeding of ideas is inevitable!


If you are a passionate graphic designer who loves to tell a story through design and sees design as a communication tool (vs merely a tool to make things look pretty) then this role is for you.

Specific duties will include:

  • Translate a piece of text or complex concept into an easy-to-understand, beautiful visual

  • Design various slides of a presentation using any design software

  • Receive feedback and apply it for continuous improvements in quality of output

  • 1+ year of experience in using design as a communication tool (Infographics, Posters, Advertisements, Presentations etc.)

  • Ability to dissect complex information to simplify and abstract it for easier audience digestion

  • Ability to produce beautiful “dribbble like” designs

  • Have an exquisite attention to detail

  • Self-motivated, organised with strong analytical skills

  • Passionate about design

  • Collaborative, curious, and confident

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Key requirements are:

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