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Startup Narrative Strategist
Full-time | Remote | India

This JD is unlike any other you would come across. We have put in a lot of thought and effort to draft it. We hope you take time to read it before applying.

About Deck Rooster

Startups' multi-million dollar fundraises, and multi-billion dollar valuations are all the rage these days. But from among thousands of startups, only a small fraction raises a substantial sum. If there is one thing that truly separates the winners and the losers, it is the narrative - an 'aha!' narrative that brings the multi-billion dollar opportunity to life and makes the startup look like a winner already.

Deck Rooster architects startup narratives which are analytically sound and emotionally captivating. We then bring these narratives to life through visually stunning investor pitch decks.

Since starting 7 years ago, our tiny team of Consultants, Storytellers and Communication Designers, has worked with 200+ startups funded by Accel, Sequoia, Lightspeed, Blume, Softbank, Goldman, Y Combinator and other top investors.

Over the years, we have emerged as founders’ #1 choice for crafting pitch decks with a clear and compelling narrative. You can check out our work portfolio and client testimonials here:

Who we are hiring

  • We are looking to hire "Startup Narrative Strategists" (aka Presentation Strategists) - people who focus on cracking the pitch & building a narrative- while delivering a lively deck with support from the design team. (Remote & Full-time - just in case you missed!)

  • You will be working directly with the founder of Deck Rooster, interacting with founders of startups and leading & managing your own projects.

  • Current strategists at Deck Rooster love going down rabbit holes in business narratives - navigating them through their knowledge of investor thesis, industry trends, and new-age business models.

  • The role is for someone who:

    • is already "into startups", understands business models, and is not scared looking at an MIS report;

    • has the capacity to think laterally and to think visually, and is extremely analytical;

    • enjoys dissecting complex information, and simplifying & abstracting it for easier audience digestion, and can imagine an audience’s reaction to a message;

    • has an eye for well-crafted pieces of communication and can’t stand a bad one, and can also pin-point  what makes it good or bad; while the role doesn’t require designing - but having an eye for good design would really help;

    • can plan ahead of time, preempt blockers, manage dozens of tasks without letting anything slip by, manage timelines & deliverables, keep all stakeholders updated - and do it all with a smile on the face;

    • is completely self-driven, highly resourceful, and a problem solver;

    • and can keep calm when the shit hits the fan!

Workplace & Culture

With Deck Rooster, we are trying to build the world's best 20-people employee lifestyle business i.e. a workplace that can potentially be your lifetime destination (unless you start up your own thing!). For us that translates into:

  • that feels like a hobby, yet challenges everyday

  • ...flexibility that allows people to pursue their interests outside of work

  • ...environment where people behave like they are

  • ...culture where people feel trusted, heard, and empowered

  • that are constantly raising the bar and helping bring the best out of each other


🙋🏽‍♂️ People

  • You will meet here folks from top institutes like IIM-B, NIFT, Symbiosis, SPA-Delhi, IIT-Delhi.

  • Hugely diverse team aged between 20 yrs. and 40 yrs., with exposure to varied backgrounds like entrepreneurship, investment banking, family businesses, enterprise sales, investor relations, and founder's office.


👩🏽‍💻 Work

  • Every startup we work with is doing something innovative and is run by some of the smartest founders around. What this also means is that there is never a dull moment - at work we are discussing the future of Web 3.0 and GPT-3, impact of Plastics-to-Fuel technology, challenges faced by D2C brands, or struggles of building a fintech solution for Bharat. Cross-breeding of ideas is inevitable!

  • We are 100% remote team, except when we are together for our week-long off-sites in places like Goa, Rishikesh and Manali!


  • This really depends upon what you bring to the table. We might go as high as INR 25L p.a. and as low as INR 10L p.a.

A few things that our strategists say about the role:

  • "It is like a startup insider course. I get to learn about startups from the founders themselves"

  • "With a project lasting just a few weeks, it is exciting to work on something new every month"

  • "I feel I have made a meaningful impact in a startup's journey to success"

Know someone who will thank you for sharing this JD with them? You know what to do!

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