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Visual Communication Designer
Remote (IST) | India | Full-time

We have put a lot of thought into drafting this JD to help you assess if we’re a good fit for each other. We hope you take the time to read it before applying.

What is the native language of the business world? Presentations!

Yet, most business presentations are downright boring and extremely confusing - the complete antithesis of effective communication that presentations supposedly help achieve.

Deck Rooster is changing that, one presentation at a time. We architect presentations that are not only visually appealing but also analytically sound & emotionally captivating.

  • 🚀 Since starting 9 years ago, our team of Consultants, Storytellers, and Visual Communication Designers, has worked with 200+ startups on their most important presentations like the fundraising deck and the sales deck.

  • 💼 Our clients include household names like Khatabook, Cars24, Porter, Coinswitch, 1mg, Fi Money, Cleartrip, Slice etc.

  • 🌟 Over the years, we have emerged as founders’ #1 choice for crafting pitch decks with a clear and compelling narrative. You can check out our work portfolio and client testimonials on our  🌎 Website and  🏀 Dribbble

About The Role

You will play the key role of converting a complex business narrative into simple & crisp visuals that are understandable in the shortest time and recallable for the longest time.

✏️ What Your Work Will Look Like:

  • For each project, you will work as part of a 3-person project team where you will be driving & executing the visualization & design.

  • You will need to understand the business messages trying to be communicated in a deck and bring them out clearly by establishing a clear hierarchy of ideas & visualizing data, concepts & emotions.

  • You will also work on achieving an aesthetically consistent and pleasing look for the deck.

  • Each project typically lasts a month, so you’ll constantly be working on something new. You’ll work with some of the most interesting & innovative startups - from those creating fin-tech solutions for Bharat to those building cutting-edge cybersecurity tech. There’s never a dull moment at work!

😍 Must-Have Attributes:

  • Ability to Think Visually:
    You can break down any information into simple, engaging visuals that make it easy for the audience to consume

  • Ability to Create Beautiful Visuals:
    You can leverage design elements to create a visually appealing & cohesive output

  • An Excellent Aesthetic Sense:
    You have a grasp of design trends, an eye for well-crafted pieces of communication & design, and the ability to pinpoint what makes them good

  • Understand Information Hierarchy:
    You are able to understand different pieces of information, the relationship between them, and what to highlight

  • An Empathetic Mindset:
    You are able to put yourself in the audience's shoes and judge if your visual is actually communicating the intended message and emotion

  • Work That Reflects Design is Problem-solving.
    Your past work shows that design is first about clarity & communication, then about creativity & novelty

  • A Desire to Learn & Grow.
    You have a proactive approach to work and continuously seek critical feedback

  • Ability to Learn, Not Expertise in Tools
    Expertise in tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma etc. does not matter to us. As long as you have the ability to learn & adapt to software, you’re good.

  • Proof of Work, Not Industry Experience
    We will evaluate you based on the work you submit, not your years of experience

Compensation: ₹5-9 LPA

The actual compensation really depends upon what you bring to the table.

Our Workplace & Culture

Team Deck Rooster at Bir, Himachal

🎯 We want to create the ‘Best 20-People Lifestyle Business’

  • WORK that feels like a hobby, yet challenges every day

  • BALANCE that allows people to pursue their interests outside of work

  • ENVIRONMENT where people are free to act like their authentic selves

  • COLLEAGUES who are constantly raising the bar

  • CULTURE where people feel trusted, heard, and empowered

  • WORKPLACE that can potentially be your lifetime destination

❤️ A Closely Knit, 100% Remote Team

  • We start every day with the entire team on a Zoom meeting filled with banter and catch-ups…except when we are together for our week-long workations in beautiful places like Rishikesh, Manali, and Mysore, where the same thing happens in person!

  • We are a diverse team spread across Delhi, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Kerala, Bhubaneswar, Ambala, etc. from top institutes like IIMs, NIFTs, & IITs and with varied backgrounds like entrepreneurship, fashion, investment banking & architecture.

  • Your relationship with any of us will be anything but transactional! This is a team you would love to go out with for beers/coffee.

We are currently not hiring for this position.

You can join our waitlist and we will reach out to you ourselves once we are hiring again for this position.

Know someone who will thank you for sharing this JD with them? You know what to do!

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