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Pro-bono review of sales presentation & sales narrative for 10 select startups

It always goes like this: You build a product. Demo it to few people. They love it. You put together a sales deck. Suddenly nobody kinda "gets" the value prop. A few more versions of the deck follow. None conveys your product's value prop the way you do. But you can't be everywhere. So you decide to live with whatever you have and shift focus on upping the sales game.


Sounds familiar?


A solid crisp sales narrative captured in an effective sales presentation is at the core of a successful sales org. It not just conveys the value prop effectively, but also ensures everyone in team is speaking the same language and every prospect is hearing the same thing.


If you are in need, we are offering some help. We are offering to review a few sales decks and sales narratives. Online. One-on-one. Free of cost. But by invitation only.


Who is it for?

Strictly for founders of growth stage product companies with at least some market traction.

Got a question/suggestion?

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