Recruitment Problem Solver

Looking for a street-smart recruiter. Full-time or part-time.

About Deck Rooster

What is the native language of the business world?


Power Point Presentations! 


Yet, most business presentations are downright boring and extremely confusing - complete antithesis of “effective communication” that presentations supposedly help achieve. Deck Rooster is changing that, one presentation at a time. 


We are a tiny team of Consultants, Storytellers and Communication Designers. We work with fast growing startups and transform their presentations from boring to captivating. Since starting in October 2014, we have worked with over 150 startups and helped them raise over $50M from leading investors. Over the years, we have emerged as founders’ #1 choice for solving their visual communication problems. 

Who we are

Life @

Deck Rooster

Work on something that is extremely important to a business

Work-culture where everyone is pursuing excellence and doing their best work

Complete creative freedom 

No leave tracking for as long as you are being responsible and reasonable

Freedom to try out roles and tasks that you have never undertaken

As a team, we are a very small group of consultants-cum-designers. Nice people. We love our work and are focused on doing our best work. We don't cut corners. Like everyone else, we are work-in-progress too. We love to learn and become better constantly. You will be able to fit-in only if you like being that kind of person yourself. 

What we do

From work point of view, we are a presentation design studio.


Presentation = PPT. If you are like most people, the word "PPT" would only remind you of boring and dreadful sessions. Our work is nothing like that. We make captivating presentations using our storytelling and design skills. We are one of the only ones of our kind in the country. No kidding. If you would like to see some of our works, take a look at the portfolio section on our website.

Who are we looking for

We are looking to grow our team. After trying to drive hiring ourselves, we realized that we all have enough on our plates to be able to put in the effort required to attract and hire some really smart people. 


So we decided to look for a "Recruitment Problem Solver".

That is probably you!


We are looking for someone who is capable of and ready to do whatever it takes to find, attract and hire the people we need. Broadly, someone who can think and act. "Think" and figure out a variety of ways to find, attract and hire the right candidates - and "act" without having to be told all the time what needs to be done.

More specifically it means doing all of the following and then some more...


  • understanding the ethos of Deck Rooster as an organization and write simple job descriptions (like this one)


  • accessing online databases like naukri, iimjobs etc

  • going through people's linkedin profiles

  • finding people on other places like Behance, Dribbble etc


  • regularly posting engaging posts on Social Media (Instagram, Linkedin etc) to attract the right candidates

  • write to and coordinate with campuses to drive campus placements and internship programs

  • doing everything that requires to be done to enhance the employer brand


  • developing an eye for quickly identifying the right and wrong candidates basis their resume and work portfolio


  • driving the recruitment process: writing emails, sending assignments, gathering and sharing feedback, following up, scheduling interviews etc

You will thrive if you

  • have some experience in recruitment 

  • are street smart and are a natural problem solver 

  • are a self-driven person and can work without any supervision

  • have excellent communication skills - both verbal and written

  • are extremely comfortable using online hiring tools 

  • are not hesitant to ask for help 

  • are a nice-hearted person - someone people would enjoy conversing with


  Some experience in social media marketing would be a plus.

P.S.- You shall be required to work at our Chandigarh office, five days a week (we work hard to keep our weekends free). If you plan to move in from a different city, we can help and guide with the moving logistics. If you have never been to Chandigarh, here are a few glimpses of the city beautiful.