Presentation Strategist

We at DeckRooster are a tiny team of strategists and designers who love working with startups on helping create captivating investor and sales decks (known as presentations to the layperson!). We typically work on a project for a month which includes several calls with the founders, storyboarding, creating a skeleton and finally executing the presentation (1.0, 1.1, 1.2… you know the drill).


Since the past five years we have had the opportunity to work with some exciting startups backed by large fishes (a.k.a VCs) such as Goldman Sachs, Accel, Sequoia, Blume etc. What this also means is that we get to work with some of the smartest founders of the country. Sometimes we are discussing the future of Bitcoins, impact of Plastics-to-Fuel technology, challenges faced by large retail chains or why India needs another startup accelerator. Cross-breeding of ideas is inevitable!


Before we carry on further to have you over on our side, we would like you to take a look at one of our works (among many others):

We plan on expanding our team from being tiny to small. It is a big step for us and we want to make sure you too understand well if working with us could fit in your long-term goals. At work, we shall address each other on first name basis but you can tell the world that you are applying for the position of a Presentation Strategist & Designer.

Design thinking, strategising and executing cannot be separated in our work. Here is what you would be expected to do:


  • Interviewing stakeholders and understanding market landscapes, competitive positioning and business strategy

  • Translating complex information and ideas into intuitive and effective visual explanations

  • Generating fresh and resonant story concepts, narrative arcs, and creative themes

  • Building frameworks for persuasive communications that are both analytically convincing and emotionally compelling

  • Designing presentation, while constantly toggling between macro (overall layout) and micro (each slide)

We are looking for visual communicators who can design. If you love startups then that’s an additional bonus! The work would be far from monotonous and you would be able to observe a significant shift in your design thinking, as we have. Reach out to us if you hit many of the following traits:


  • Portfolio of visual problems solved in a clever way - beautifully

  • Visual problem solver—you dissect complex information to simplify and abstract it for easier audience digestion

  • Asks questions until the next steps are absolutely clear in your mind’s eye

  • Have worked in a world where design is seen as communication rather than fine art

  • You’re a lifelong learner, always up on the latest trends and tools

  • A visual storyteller

You must have:

  • Bachelor's degree in mass communication or design or related experience

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Experience of working in agency environment a plus

If you would like to become part of this tiny (soon to become small) team, then waste no time and send us a few undermentioned things at

  • Your resume: help us know you better!

  • A work sample: Anything that you feel would make your pitch (get used to the startup terminology!) more convincing to work with us.

You can always pair it with a personalised message telling why you’d like to work with us. 

P.S.- You shall be required to work at our Chandigarh office, five days a week (we work hard to keep our weekends free). If you plan to move in from a different city, we can help and guide with the moving logistics. If you have never been to Chandigarh, here are a few glimpses of the city beautiful.