Sales Presentations

Why narrative?

People don’t buy features. Nor do they buy benefits. They buy narratives that depict an accurate picture of their world. And they then invest in solutions that give them a position of strength in that world.


How we do it?

We spend time to deeply understand a client’s product, its customers & the sales process and work with them to craft a persuasive sales narrative. We then work towards capturing this narrative in a stunning visual presentation.


“Deck Rooster helped us redo our sales deck. Beyond the stunning look & feel, I am very happy with the business impact of the presentation.”

— Amit Davé, President, salesElement

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Deck Rooster on two unique and distinct projects for my Companies. Of course Mohit is great at visualisation, creating awesome optics and subtle but effective diagrams and charts, but what was most stunning was his deep dive into each of the businesses to actually unearth insights and key speaking points. 

After the intense few sessions that delivered us ‘wow’ presentation, Mohit’s rigour and focussed application made me learn more about my business than I originally did!.

It’s a no-brainer decision to work with them. If you are in doubt, contact me.”

— Alok Kejriwal, CEO and Co-Founder, Games2win

“We’ve had great experience working with Deck Rooster on multiple presentations. There is lot more to their work than the design and aesthetics of a presentation. We value their ability to help us think through and structure our thoughts and messaging. We end up with a much better understanding of our own products / customers every time we work with them. We really enjoy the process of crafting presentations with them.”

— Tarun Matta, Founder & CEO,

“Mohit is an engaging strategist, who can capture an entrepreneur’s complex ideas and present it to the world as a simple, easy to comprehend story!”

— Bala Selvarajan, Founder & CEO, vPersonalize

“Very few people understand your business as quickly as Deck Rooster does. They can think strategically to present your business in a consumer friendly manner. Very happy to continue working with them. ”

— Mohit Gundecha, Co-founder & CEO, Jombay