Deck Rooster's Open House

There are many startups that are building stuff that is really worthy of being out their in the world, but are held back because they couldn't convey the value to potential customers, partners or investors.

We feel bad about that and have decided to do something about it - an "Open House", as we call it. 

What is this open house?

Open house is a free of cost, real-world (in-person), one-on-one event for startups. We spend around an hour with each startup to go over their sales or investor presentation and offer them concrete suggestions to fix/improvise the pitch and the presentation. No gyan. We hate that as much as you do. 

Who can join in?

Considering we can only help a handful of startups this way, we realized that we got to say no to most.

If you can't answer a strong yes to any of the following, we would suggest you pass this opportunity for now.

  • You have a clear product-market fit and have multiple paying customers.
  • During the last month, you spent more time trying to meet your customer acquisition or sales related goals, instead of product development related goals.
  • You have raised outside funding.
  • Before starting this startup, you have had at least 5 years of industry-specific work experience (same industry as that of your startup) 

Must have:

Bring along the presentation that you would like to discuss and take inputs on.

Any scheduled open house events are made available below:

New Delhi - 17th & 18th Dec, 2015
Bangalore - 12th & 13th Jan, 2016
Bangalore - 6th & 7th May, 2016
Bangalore - 25th Feb, 2017

If you have any queries regarding the open house, you may write to us here: ""