Presentations do not matter...

...if you don't have
something worth talking about.

But if you do have something...

...your message gets garbled
before it reaches the slides...

and hence
presentations still don't matter!



We make Presentations matter.

for Businesses & Ideas that matter.

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Relish our works. We make each one with love.


Here's who you will be working with

mohit bansal.png

How many vegetarians get to start their career by running a Poultry Farm?

Mohit did! One can't really skip trying his hand at one's family-business, right?

In pursuit of his destiny, he set up a manufacturing plant for aluminium wires, imported steel scrap, set up a vermi-compost farm and started a b-school.

Founded a startup incubator at a time when you could count number of incubators in India on just 2 or may be 3 fingers. Interacted with 100s of startups over 3 years and lost all his money, and then some more!

Joined a tech startup and served as head of sales for another 3 years or so.

Finally started Deck Rooster in 2014.

The "Rooster" in the name is really an effort to continue the family business legacy! ;)


We’ve had great experience working with Deck Rooster on multiple presentations. There is lot more to their work than the design and aesthetics of a presentation. We value Mohit’s ability to help us think through and structure our thoughts and messaging. We end up with a much better understanding of our own products & customers every time we work with Deck Rooster.
— Tarun Matta, Founder & CEO,