Our story

The seeds of Deck Rooster were sown in 2010. Mohit bumped into someone’s presentation that was high on imagery and was a refreshing change from the kind of presentations that were all around then. Then, as part of the incubator he was running, he created a quirky presentation with lot of images and just a bit of text (check it out here). And then a few more over next few years. 

Then during his stint at Sokrati, he literally attracted everyone who ever needed help with a presentation. He helped with everything from product decks to sales presentations and investor decks. He was loving doing it and people didn’t mind good-looking engaging presentations. 

But there was never ever a thought of offering presentations as a service. It is like, if you drive a car well, you don’t start thinking of becoming a taxi driver!

After Sokrati, in October 2014, Mohit decided to try offering presentation design as a service to startup. The idea was to offer it for 3 months and gauge the response and outcome. 

Fortunately, there has been no looking back. Except of course, when we are narrating the story of Deck Rooster to someone, like right now. 

Today, we are a tiny team of strategists and designers who love working with startups on helping them discover their story and communicate that story through captivating presentations. 

Prashant is a motion graphics designer who spent multiple years designing visuals for TV channels. He joined Deck Rooster to do work that is more challenging. He is today our go-to guy for ideas on visualizing a message and for stunning graphics. 

Vivek joined IIM (Bangalore) with a dream to become an investment banker. Which he did. Started working with one of the most reputed investment banks around - Goldman Sachs. A dream come true. But it is only when your wish is fulfilled, you sometimes realize that you wished for the wrong thing. He decided to leave Goldman Sachs to pursue his love for design. And he bumped into us. Today, we can’t imagine our team without him.